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SeaQure Moor - Safeguard Your Investment

The Gael Force name is synonymous with mooring systems. The company has a track record second to none in the Scottish aquaculture market and has worked closely with the industry to build a strong working relationship with fish farm operators throughout Scotland and in Ireland, the Faroes and Norway. We have a trusted name for specifying, designing and supplying subsurface, multi-node mooring systems which have been proven in some of the most extreme environments in the Northern Hemisphere. Our total commitment to the industry to deliver fish cage and feed barge moorings which meet and exceed industry standards is behind the development of SeaQure Moor – an end-to-end system combining innovative new components to safeguard your investment and offer complete peace of mind.

Product innovation and design has been and is central in the development of SeaQure Moor - developed in-house by our team of qualified, industry experienced engineers. With over 20 years wide ranging involvement across the aquaculture industry, the development of SeaQure Moor marks a significant step forward in mooring technology.

SeaQure Moor is designed for rapid deployment, fast set positioning and reduced wear and maintenance. At the heart of the system is SeaQure Link, designed for use with rope, slings or chain using fibre connectors providing critical ballast for the grid with ease of in-service management. The SeaQure Hold performance anchor offers super high-holding power and weight savings. SeaQure Line 8-strand and 3-strand rope, provides a higher strength to weight ratio than conventional synthetic ropes and soon to be launched SeaQure Buoy delivers metal component-free connection with no moving parts.


The SeaQure Moor System is made up of these key components


SeaQure Link represents a step forward in mooring grid performance and integrity.



Made from blended polymers and using advanced processing techniques, SeaQure Line delivers unmatched performance.



High performance anchor designed specifically for the aquaculture market.



The highly innovative SeaQure Buoy represents a unique design within the aquaculture industry.


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