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AtoN - Aids to Navigation

Gael Force Marine now represents JFC Marine who offer a wide portfolio of Aids to Navigation including; Navigation Buoys, Navigation Marker Posts/Top Marks and Solar Marine Lanterns/Beacons.

These high quality aids to navigation (AtoN) devices are extremely durable and cost effective enabling watercraft operators determine position, course, warn of a danger and/or obstructions and indicate the location of safe or preferred channel routes They are being successfully used to mark out shipping channels, hazardous waters, aquaculture sites and a variety of other marine installations. 

JFC polyethylene buoys and beacons are available in a wide range of IALA recommended colours and configurations. They are successfully being used by mariners including coast guards and major port authorities worldwide.


Representing JFC Marine, we offer a wide portfolio of Aids to Navigation, including;


Lanterns - Self Contained navigation lanterns from Carmanah SabikSeaQure



Navigation / Marker Buoys - A range of navigation / marker buoys for use in shallow water, inshore and sheltered areas.


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FPM Henderson

In July 2013, Gael Force Group acquired FPM Henderson, one of the UK’s foremost providers of specialist mooring systems and navigation aids.  The combination of FPM’s skills and expertise in single point moorings and aids to navigations, and our broader based mooring and pontoon operations means Gael Force are able to provide moorings, pontoons and aids to navigation, all from one trusted supplier.

FPM Henderson's operations, formerly of Yoker, are now handled at Gael Force's Glasgow Marine Centre in Hillington Park.

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