Group Management

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Stewart Graham

Group Managing Director

Founded Gael Force: 1983.


Stewart Graham founded Gael Force in 1983 and is the owner and Group Managing Director. Stewart’s leadership, contribution and passion for markets Gael Force serve in has been unwavering over the past 35 years.

He has led from the front in strengthening Gael Force Group's position as a trusted manufacturer and supplier.

Most recently, he brought together leading businesses and organisations across aquaculture sectors to create a working group which produced the growth strategy for aquaculture in Scotland to 2030. He is currently co-chair of the Aquaculture Industry Leadership Group.


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Tim Philips

Group Finance Director

Joined Gael Force: 2012.


Tim joined Gael Force in 2012 as Group Finance Director from his previous role as Finance Director of Isleburn Group (now Global Energy Group).

He has a background in consultancy, corporate advisory work and non-executive directorships, as well as FCA and BA (Oxon) qualifications.

His role includes overseeing the financial integrity of group operations, planning and support growth and development and building corporate systems and services. 


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Jamie Young

Group Sales Director

Joined Gael Force: 2012.


Jamie joined Gael Force in 2012 as Group Sales Director from his previous role as Managing Director of Storvik Aqua Ltd.

He is trained in Aquaculture Management and has worked in the marine industry within fishing and Aquaculture in the UK, Europe, Canada and South America.

Jamie also works in a voluntary role outside of Gael Force as a Non-Executive Director.

Outside of work, Jamie enjoys his time running or mountain biking.


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Stephen Offord

Group Production Director

Joined Gael Force: 2015.


Stephen joined Gael Force in 2015 as Production Director for Gael Force Engineering after 12 years serving as an Air Engineering Officer in the Royal Navy.

His degree in Mechanical Engineering,  his experience in the Navy of engineering management in operational environments, health & safety and inter-business relations, and his exposure to the Aquaculture industry from a young age through his family have stood him in good stead with Gael Force.

In 2018, Stephen assumed the role of Group Production Director.


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Jim Brown

Operations Director

Joined Gael Force: 1990.


Jim joined Gael Force in 1990 with a background in the Merchant Navy and North Sea Oil Rigs.

Over the years, he has taken on the roles of Warehouse Manager, Purchasing Manager and Operations Manager.

Jim was made a Director in 2001 and he now deals with most Operational matters within Gael Force Marine Equipment, sharing his knowledge with the rest of Gael Force Group and line managing the Supply Chain Team Manager and Warehouse Manager.  


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 Shona Lynn

Group Quality Manager

Joined Gael Force: 2010.


Shona joined Gael Force in 2010 as Quality Manager with over 25 years’ experience working with integrated management systems in a wide range of industries, from engineering design through to design and manufacture of medical devices.

She has a degree in Business Management with qualifications in HR, Lead Auditing, and Risk Management for Medical Devices.

Her role involves managing Gael Force’s Quality Systems and business challenges across a number of locations as well as ensuring compliance throughout the company.  




Claire Barnett

Human Resources

Joined Gael Force: 2018.


Claire joined Gael Force in 2018 with previous experience of Human Resources roles in the private and public sector including in Construction, Technology, and Healthcare sectors and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

She has an Honours degree in HR and Marketing, Post Graduate Certificates in HR Management and is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD).

Her current role supports Gael Force’s People Development needs, including supporting recruitment and training and development to develop the skills base.   


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Marc Wilson

Marketing Manager

Joined Gael Force: 2008.


Marc joined Gael Force in 2008 as the Website Administrator, first focusing on growing their retail web store for leisure marine based sales, before developing in the role to undertake a broad range of digital marketing tasks in a growing digital environment.

In May 2017, Marc assumed the position of Marketing Manager where he currently has overall responsibility for marketing and communications for all companies across the Group.