About Us

Gael Force Group is a trusted supplier of equipment, technology and services to aquaculture, marinas, commercial fishing and leisure marine markets.  Since 1983, we value the strong customer relationships we have developed along our way and believe that through close collaboration with our partners we are best placed to provide the value-adding solutions which enhance and improves the businesses and lives of our customers.

Over 35 years, our Group has developed substantially from a one-man fishing creel maker in the town of Stornoway, Scotland, to over 240 employees and a thriving presence across the United Kingdom and in Canada.  Our connection to the challenging Atlantic seas forms part of our proud heritage and has guided us in the development of rugged and robustly engineered product and dedicated service. 

We are unpretentious in our approach to business, continually seeking to understand the needs of our customers and always seeking to innovate in all areas of our activity.