Supply Chain Management

With the day to day, operational management of fish husbandry and harvest targets the priority, farm operators need a supportive and efficient service in equipment and consumables supply. Gael Force provides a single source supply service of a full range of regularly used items supplemented by a fast source service on non-stocked items for the trade.


With over 30 years of involvement in sourcing product for marine industries, we know our way around the global supply market and have established strong partnerships with our approved supplier base.

Through focused supplier management, our 6-strong purchasing team know where and who to go to in sourcing product that is fit for purpose and value for money at whatever quality level is required. This can be on a one-off basis, or establishing and negotiating for a new regular stock line. Additionally, we maintain a running check on products and prices on established supply lines to ensure pricing remains competitive and on track with market and currency movements.

Our stocked range of aquaculture supplies includes; chemicals, janitorial supplies, protective workwear, oilskins, coveralls, gloves, boots, safety equipment, pipework and pipe connectors, manual and electric pumps, marine VHF radios and electronics, batteries and cabling, outboard engines, maintenance products and paint, hand and power tools, rope and cordage, anchors, chain and buoys, general marine hardware and a wide selection of site consumables.

Stock Management and Demand Forecasting

Stock monitoring and management against demand is handled by our stock control and warehouse management system – Orderwise. This powerful tool effectively reaches to deliver ERM functionality for the company and in the area of stock management, provides us with clear visibility on historic demand, identifying and flagging up trends which together with live updates on projected demand, allows us to maintain stock levels by month to minimise stock-outs and optimise ‘required-by’ dates and delivery.

We are highly experienced in the management of high volume product procurement, stock control, order processing, picking, packing and dispatch/ delivery logistics. In total, we manage in excess of 40,000 SKUs serving over 10,000 customers and we can provide a tailored product range covering both farm site and processing facility consumable product demand.


We currently operate a van run service to farm sites across the West Coast of Scotland and deliver weekly to the Outer Isles sites. This delivery service sits on the back of a managed warehouse stock in our Inverness main warehouse, a trade B2B web store providing easy online ordering with an illustrated presentation of products and a dedicated aquaculture account management team a phone call away to provide help and advice on product sourcing.

Trade Website

Our trade website offers users a best-in-class e-commerce experience, providing access to a tailor-made product catalogue and detailed pricelist specific to your needs.  A swift and smooth shopping experience is bolstered by the following features;

  • Intelligent search facility;
  • Product illustrations with comprehensive descriptions and clear imagery;
  • Stock availability indicators;
  • Ability to add PO detail and order notes;
  • Flexible credit limit options;
  • Order tracking tool;
  • Complete order history with ‘order again’ function.

Our trade website is connected through integration with our stock control system meaning that the flow of orders from website to dispatch is seamless. Take a look at the website here.