Zena Thomas – Commercial and Operations Manager

14th April 2020

Our employees have been working in challenging circumstances over the past few weeks and all towards a common goal – to stay safe at work while continuing to support food producers with our products and services so that they can safely grow the fish that makes its way to so many dinner tables.

Where our employees can work from home, they are doing this, but some jobs mean that some staff need to travel to their workplaces.  To protect our employees and the wider public we have been working extremely hard to ensure we follow the social distancing and hygiene protocols set by the government.

We caught up with Zena Thomas our Commercial and Operations Manager for Gael Force Marine Technology.  She gave us a frank insight into how the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way she works, the challenges she has faced, and how she has overcome the initial worries that the current situation created.


Meet Zena Thomas

Zena and her colleagues at Forres play a vital role in developing, manufacturing and servicing the technology that keeps salmon fed on fish farms, and the underwater technology for monitoring and supporting the growth of fish.

“After the lockdown announcement was made it was definitely a worrying time for me.  The shock of how quickly things were changing was quite stressful. I was mostly worried about my kids as well as how I was going to be able to continue going about my job as I normally would.

With schools being closed I have had to adjust, working from home where I can. My manager has been perfectly reasonable and understanding which obviously helped me and my family a lot. 


My colleagues at our workplace in Forres have settled well into the new way of working.  There are some tasks that I can only carry out in the workplace so that does require me to travel to work and with some of our team currently on furlough leave, I have been stepping in to do a few extra tasks, helping with production and deliveries.  In times like these people do tend to go that extra mile to make sure we can carry on supporting our customers.

The whole team is taking responsibility for keeping working areas clean and we are all aware of two-metre distancing.  With it being such an unusual situation to be in, it is good that we are being asked to feedback to our Health and Safety manager about the measures we have in place so we can keep improving if we need to."