Peter Deigan - Warehouse Operative

23rd April 2020

Our employees have been working in challenging circumstances over the past few weeks and all towards a common goal – to stay safe at work while continuing to support food producers with our products and services so that they can safely grow the fish that makes its way to so many dinner tables.

Where our employees can work from home, they are doing this, but some jobs mean that some staff need to travel to their workplaces.  To protect our employees and the wider public we have been working extremely hard to ensure we follow the social distancing and hygiene protocols set by the government.


Meet Peter Deigan

Peter works as part of the large team of operatives in our busy Inverness warehouse.  Although Peter is mainly focused on Goods Inwards, like his colleagues he can be involved in many aspects and functions of the warehouse.  Peter gave us his insight on the challenges he has seen since coronavirus created restrictions on everyday life.

"This virus has had an enormous impact on daily life both in and out of work. You really have to be careful around people, your family, friends, and work colleagues.  Between social distancing, cleaning, and washing your hands thoroughly, knowing that it can keep you and others around you safe.

The differences I have seen to our work routine are that we are keeping anyone who does not work in our building out, regardless of who they are whether they be our regular courier drivers or staff from our engineering facility just up the road. We are not signing for deliveries as cross-contamination through scanners and pens/pencils is also a possibility. We constantly wipe the forklift controls after use. I have become the morning cleaner for our working areas downstairs, with other members of the team taking turns to wipe down later in the day.

I am always trying to be aware of who comes and goes in the yard and have probably annoyed one or two by being vocal about reminding people!


I think everyone has had the same challenges in the warehouse with getting used to all the protocols about keeping safe which has changed how we operate and work together as a team, albeit two metres apart! In the first days after the lockdown, we were operating on a smaller team than normal but the sheer number of orders that the team managed to dispatch out the door was incredible. Those guys should be proud of the effort they made.

I think Gael Force has helped by providing us with what we need and continues to do so, although I feel was a bit slow to start with as there was a wee bit of an initial panic. Something that was new to all of us and took a bit of time to get used to. Some colleagues took time off which I thought was understandable due to personal circumstances and family worries. After all, these are worrying times and family has to come first. I am personally happy to be working, my salary wouldn't cover my single malt bill!"