Dave Gillies - Warehouse Operative and Delivery Driver

20th April 2020

Our employees have been working in challenging circumstances over the past few weeks and all towards a common goal – to stay safe at work while continuing to support food producers with our products and services so that they can safely grow the fish that makes its way to so many dinner tables.

Where our employees can work from home, they are doing this, but some jobs mean that some staff need to travel to their workplaces.  To protect our employees and the wider public we have been working extremely hard to ensure we follow the social distancing and hygiene protocols set by the government.


Meet Dave Gillies

Warehouse Operative and Delivery Driver, Dave Gillies describes the changes he has seen because of the coronavirus outbreak and how he continues to deliver the goods that help keep salmon producers operating day-to-day.

"To be honest, things have been fine. The roads are significantly quieter than they usually are but the job of driving and delivering our goods to fish farms hasn’t changed drastically – we are just been a lot more cautious. The changes that we have made are making sure we help keep people safe.

In some cases when I arrive to a site to deliver goods our customers might be busy checking the fish so I will leave their goods in a safe place. But any time I do visibly see customers it’s clear that they are complying with social distancing and hygiene measures. We are encouraging our own sensible measures like not signing delivery paperwork or sharing pens to avoid unnecessary contact with customers which also helps keep us all safe.

The guidelines we have in place means that we clean down all areas of contact in the van and back at the warehouse when loading the van, we have distancing rules in place.

At the end of the day it’s important to keep going but as safely as we can. I just want to get on with doing my job."