Community Update - Barcaldine

As part of continuous improvement activity in 2018, we began re-assessing our procedures for the control and capture of waste resulting from product assembly on the foreshore of our working area near Loch Creran. This followed on from concerns voiced by some members of the local community that we were falling short of our responsibility to ensure that our production waste was being controlled and collected safely and appropriately in our work area. We listened to those concerns and fully acknowledge that the high standard of care for our environment we expect from ourselves was not being met in all instances. We are very grateful to those members of the local community who highlighted issues and for bringing those shortcomings to our attention. The feedback we received enabled us to enhance our procedures in order to meet the high standard we, and indeed the local community, expect.

After taking feedback on-board, we engaged in a transparent dialogue with SEPA and put a framework of robust measures into place that would ensure we raised our standards significantly and meet our responsibility to appropriately capture any residual process waste and control the risk of any future deposits resultant of our production work in the area.

The following control measures were enacted, but not limited to;
• Conducting grinding, cutting and drilling in indoor workshop areas away from the foreshore where-ever possible
• Using protective sheets to capture waste and disposing of immediately in receptacles for future recycling and which we maintain documentation records for.
• Twice daily sweeps of the work area on the foreshore to double-check for waste allowing us to control and monitor the effectiveness of our prevention measures.
• Action taken to conduct regular litter picks on Creagan Shore to remove general marine waste and other detritus emanating from sources outside our own operations
• Comprehensive training on waste reduction procedures for employees of Fusion Marine / Gael Force Fusion

In addition to action we have been taking on beach cleans, our team has recently engaged in constructive engagements with members of the local community to help better inform our understanding of reasonable concerns in the area and communicating our immediate process improvements.

We have the fullest confidence that the measures we are working to this year are ensuring that we are meeting the high standards expected of us.

Regarding our future plans, we are currently proposing that we redevelop the derelict business premises at the former Sea Life Centre in Barcaldine. If approved, this will enable us to move manufacturing and production away from the shores of Loch Creran. The proposed location would facilitate the continued containment, capture, and recycling of all plastic waste from the manufacturing process and would allow us to further reinforce our established practices for controlling production waste. At a pre-application consultation in Benderloch on Thursday 3rd October, we welcomed over 50 visitors to the event. Of all those people visiting, we received a considerable number of statements of support for our plans and welcoming of our proposals to redevelop the site. We also received constructive input and suggestions in shaping our plans from several locals which we are able to incorporate as our plans develop.

We are acutely aware of the huge responsibility we hold as a business for the environment we work in and that the part we play in reducing waste output is incredibly important. This is very important to us and we acknowledge that there were opportunities for improvement in past processes; opportunities which we have taken. We thank those people who continue to support our business in the area, the many livelihoods dependent on it and look forward to growing our business and employment sustainably in Argyll.

We welcome your feedback and engagement on any aspect of how we operate.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at