Single Point Moorings

Together at both our Inverness and Glasgow premises, we assemble systems; cutting chain, splicing ropes and seizing shackles before palletising ready for delivery to site. We maintain a strong position in the UK as a leading specialist in mooring systems. 

Single point systems, sometimes referred to as swinging moorings, vary for many types of craft and situation. Size and displacement of boat, seabed and location will all determine the system put in place. At Gael Force, we can design and calculate the right system for you, whether it’s a single concrete block or a type-approved anchor mooring.

We can provide answers to the most commonly asked questions, and more, including;


  • Which is the most appropriate for my yacht?
    • Clump? Self-righting? Non-self-righting?


  • Can I use second-hand?
  • What about ex-mining chain?


  • What should I use with the chain I've selected?
  • What about commercial galvanised shackles? 


  • Do I really need these?


  • Do I have to use multiplait?
  • What about polysteel?


  • How do foam filled buoys compare with inflatable buoys?


  • How can I work out the size of anchor and chain to use on my boat?

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