SeaQureMoor System

Safeguard Your Investment

The Gael Force name is synonymous with mooring systems. The company has a track record second to none in the Scottish aquaculture market and has worked closely with the industry to build a strong working relationship with fish farm operators throughout Scotland and in Ireland, the Faroes and Norway.

We have a trusted name for specifying, designing and supplying subsurface, multi-node mooring systems which have been proven in some of the most extreme environments in the Northern Hemisphere. Our total commitment to the industry to deliver fish cage and feed barge moorings which meet and exceed industry standards is behind the development of SeaQureMoor – an end-to-end system combining innovative components to safeguard your investment and offer complete peace of mind.


Product innovation and design has been and is central to the development of SeaQureMoor - developed in-house by our team of qualified, industry experienced engineers. With over 20 years wide-ranging involvement across the aquaculture industry, the development of SeaQure Moor marks a significant step forward in mooring technology.

SeaQureMoor is designed for rapid deployment, fast set positioning and reduced wear and maintenance. At the heart of the system is SeaQureLink, designed for use with rope, slings or chain using fibre connectors providing critical ballast for the grid with ease of in-service management.

The SeaQureHold performance anchor offers super high-holding power and weight savings. SeaQureLine 8-strand and 3-strand rope provide a higher strength to weight ratio than conventional synthetic ropes and soon to be launched SeaQureBuoy delivers metal component-free connection with no moving parts.




SeaQureLink, the mooring node for fibre connections, has been developed in-house by our team of qualified engineers and drawing on over 20 years of experience in Fish Farm mooring systems, SeaQureLink represents a step forward in mooring grid performance and integrity.


The development in design materials and production process has lead to the creation of our strongest and most robust connector to date. SeaQureLink is designed for use with rope, slings or chain (using fibre connectors), and provides critical ballast for the grid with ease of in-service management.

The thought process behind the Node was that it should; allow connection of Fibres (rope or sling), be capable of providing a securing point for fibre slings in a 'choke' position, be cast to provide high strength and be able to take over 60T tensile force without breaking as a minimum.

Using Lloyd’s approved testing the SeaQureLink has a minimum breaking load of 185T and can be used in an NS9415 grid system when correctly specified.

The cast steel construction is heat treated to add tensile strength before being galvanised then epoxy powder coated to reduce abrasion to fibre connections.


Made from blended polymers and using advanced processing techniques, SeaQure Line delivers unmatched performance beyond strength.

Gael Force Marine Equipment has now introduced the second component, SeaQureLine as part of their on-going development of an overall, bespoke mooring grid system. Working directly with manufacturers, Gael Force designed a rope that has a higher strength to weight ratio than conventional synthetic ropes.

The result is a lighter product that does not compromise on strength. The new SeaQureLine is about 15-20% lower in weight and smaller in diameter but maintains strength equivalent to larger diameters. The lay of the rope also allows for easier handling, excellent shape retention as well as the all-important abrasion resistance.



SeaQure-Hold-Small.jpgThe SeaQureHold anchor is a significant step forward in aquaculture mooring technology and has been developed and tested by our engineers to perform optimally in various substrates.

SeaQureHold is a super high holding power anchor delivering more holding power than conventional spade anchors over twice their weight.

The twin shank, twin point fluke design results in a lighter, stronger construction for a given holding power with lower handling and lower shipping costs. It has a faster setting action, reducing seabed scarring and can rotate and reset under load.

  • Super High Holding power design and performance.
  • Over twice the holding power of conventional spade anchors used in aquaculture for any given weight.
  • Improves holding power in soft ground and mud.
  • Lower weights for holding power result in lower handling costs due to smaller vessels and cranes being used in deployment.
  • Lower transport and logistics costs due to lower weights.
  • Very fast setting giving more positional accuracy and reducing seabed scarring.
  • Can rotate and reset under off centre loading.
  • Appropriate sizing of anchor shackles can be specified based on holding power, not shank dimensions.
  • Alternative fluke angles can be provided for super soft or super hard substrates.


SEAQUREBUOY.JPGDesigned specifically for the Aquaculture market the SeaQureBuoy has been configured for enhanced stability with increased buoyancy when under load.

Made from rotationally moulded polyethylene (PE) with an extra heavy wall-thickness of 8mm and filled with expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) the heavy duty SeaQureBuoy has UV stabilisers built in.

  • Pear-shaped for improved stability in the water and progressively increasing buoyancy under load
  • Rotationally moulded, low-density polyethylene
  • Heavy wall thickness, 8mm Polyethylene shell.
  • Expanded Polystyrene non-water absorbing foam filled.
  • Grade 80 rated galvanised lifting chain fitted through the buoy under tension and designed for lifting the grid nodes under tension for inspection.
  • Moulded in recess for accommodating marker lights or beacons.
  • The ability to custom fit any steel fixing bracket to mounded in steel threaded sockets.
  • Standard 3 metres of chain with master link removing the need for any swivels or shackles below the buoy reducing costs and failure risks of shackles.
  • Designed to be fitted to SeaQure Link or Shackle Plate through a SeaQure Strop eliminating shackles or swivels between buoy and mooring node leading to fewer losses of buoys and lower maintenance costs.
  • Range from 600 litres to 2000 litres.