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Gael Force Group vision on track with acquisition of Mohn Aqua


Gael Force Group continues with their planned growth after acquiring control of Mohn Aqua. Mohn Aqua has a well established name in the aquaculture industry for its range of underwater technology but the Norwegian owned firm had been facing an uncertain future without further investment.  Gael Force plan to invest in product development, production, sales and servicing support of the Mohn Aqua product range; which includes underwater cameras, sensors and acoustic deterrent devices. This will help create a more secure future for the core workforce at the Forres premises and support them in extending the market reach across the UK and overseas.The acquisition of Forres-based underwater technology specialists, Mohn Aqua strengthens Gael Force's existing capabilities within the aquaculture market and reinforces the companies ambitious drive to build sales to £50Million in the next 4 years.

The acquisition further expands Gael Force's current standing in the aquaculture industry. Adding underwater technology to their range of consumable and equipment supplies is a move forward in becoming a complete end to end supplier.  In addition they also supply moorings systems, including the new SeaQureMoor system, feeding barges with additional technology currently being developed and expected to be launched later this year.

Announcing the purchase, Stewart Graham, Gael Force Group`s managing director said, “The acquisition fits well into the company's current development strategy and within our aquaculture business. This is another step towards Gael Force becoming an end to end supplier of aquaculture technology and equipment to the Scottish and international aquaculture markets”. He added, “ We plan to increase our focus on delivering this strategy and take further steps towards putting Scotland on the map as a supplier of technology and equipment to our own market in Scotland but internationally too.”

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