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Blowing a Gael

Gael Force Group, Growing with Aquaculture…

This article was featured in the 40th Anniversary issue of Fish Farmer magazine.

It would be fair to say that parallels can be drawn between the growth of Scottish Aquaculture and the evolution of Gael Force Group in recent years.  As the industry has grown, and the needs and challenges of fish farmers have advanced significantly, the team at Gael Force has had its collective ear continuously on the ground, developing its products and services in response to what farm operators are saying, and always with the focus of ensuring that farmers feel enabled to give as much of their attention to fish welfare and husbandry as possible.

Today, the company is the largest Scottish SME manufacturing and supplying equipment, technology and services to the Scottish Aquaculture industry, with a staff number which is edging increasingly close to 200 – over 50 of those joining Gael Force in 2017 alone.  And whilst Gael Force’s burgeoning success can be attributed to a highly accomplished and committed team led by Stewart Graham, and the growing popularity of its dependable, trusted equipment and services, that success is also an indication of how far the Scottish Aquaculture industry has progressed in recent years, with a keen desire across sectors to grow together as documented in Vision 2030 and supported by the Industry Leadership Group, of which Stewart co-Chairs.

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