Floating Homes


The concept with the floating homes has been to produce a system of individual craftsman built elements for both floatation and superstructure which may be produced in a quality controlled factory environment allowing a very high standard of specification for the individual elements. The elements will be centrally produced and are transportable world wide.

On site time for construction is targeted at a maximum of six weeks from arrival to client moving in.

Floats are 15m x 3m x 1.4m all road transportable by normal means. Each single storey home will have three floats. Floats will be delivered and permanently assembled on site within two days – max!

Float design is using superlight weight, super strong  and environmentally friendly concrete using recycled lightweight material and stainless steel and basalt reinforcing. They are designed by Gael Force and a world class team of professional engineers and structurally certified and designed to operate in waves up to Hs of 0.7m (therefor sometimes waves will be 1.2m!). They are completely stable even when 35 people are aboard – all on one side with 100mph winds blowing on the other side and will have stability calculations certified accordingly. They have a 100 year Design Life (meaning they will most probably last more than twice that!) , will be DNV certified (which is completely unique) , they can be on the Ships Register which together with the DNV certification and Premier/NHBC Certification will mean the finished structure will be suitable for mortgage finance.      

The floats are unsinkable and encapsulate structural high density closed cell polystyrene (again using recycled material) over 10m of their central structural length and have at either end 2.5 m voids for use as plant rooms and or storage or for temporary or permanent ballast trimming.

These “cellars” can also accommodate, water-makers, generators, heat pump plant location water and effluent storage among other things. Most are internally  accessible so things like wine cellars can be accommodated too.

There is no maintenance with the floats whatsoever and they can take the ground of need be too. They accommodate mooring tubes and can be anchored in isolation but can be mounted on piles or attached to the shore with struts or lines also.

Normally services would be supplied from shore, water, electricity, and sewer access but all can be accommodated aboard if arrangements are made for effluent collection and fuel delivery.

The superstructure has been designed to far exceed the UK regulations for thermal efficiency which state that a home must achieve a “U” value of 0.23. SeaSpirit homes will have a rating of between 0.12 – 0.13 – almost twice the level of the standard. Also “Passivhaus” building methodology has been applied and air tightness and thermal bridging losses have been minimised. This of course is perhaps even more important in hot climates as it is in cold climates.

The structural elements are built and  quality assured off site and shipped to site with inside and outside rendering in place. Assembly time on site of the 24 elements making up the whole SeaSpirit structure is expected to take about 4 weeks with a ceiling of six week total time set as a maximum.

As you see from the images there are a number of options including having a sun lounge, spa bath, barbecue serving area all built in. Internally mood lighting will be iPad controllable and as well as under floor heating fed from solar roofing, there will be a remote controlled living flame gas fire and air conditioning integrated into the structural elements.